Saturday, January 14, 2012

We All Fall Down.

My disappearance just seems to be inevitable doesn't it?

Well, because of certain circumstances I did take a bit of a leave, yet again. There was a death in the family and I will leave it at that. Things happen, people get sad, and then life goes on I guess. It's a fun way to start the new year. But it is 2012. The year of the big "end" which is interpreted by me into, the ending of the old ways of living and starting something new. So this year I believe will be a year full of changes. Some good, some bad. But that is how change works. Things happen and we learn from them and continue on.

I wish I could vent. But I have too much pride to do so. Silly me.

Until next time guys.

Here is your fact of the day.

The will be no real fact of the day today.

Actually, that is technically a real fact.

Imagine that.